Membership Renewal 2018-19

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To renew your HSC membership for 2018-19 please complete the following, then we will send you confirmation of your entry and payment options.

If you are not already a member and would like to join the club, please click this link to download an application form

Please select Membership Type..
(Intermediate/Junior age on 1st of October 2018)
(Pensioner rates for members of over 10 years and of state pensionable age).
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(if you include family members aged 17 and over, they will be assigned duties)

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Number of Dinghy or Kayak spaces and lockers to be included in the renewal.

Monohull Dinghy Park (£175)

Catamaran Dinghy Park (£270)

Junior or Tender Dinghy Park (£107)

Kayak storage (£20)

Sail Locker Owners only(£25)

Surfboard Locker Owners only(£35)

There is a waiting list for lockers, please add a note if you would like to be added to the list.

1. Please let us know preferred/unavailable dates.
2. Do you want to be added to sail locker waiting list.
3. Anything else we should know.
4. Please list your qualifications.(1st aid/rib2 etc)

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